About Us

Glycemicon AG is a Swiss biotechnology company developing novel products for the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and better weight management, using new approaches that were initially developed at the University of Science & Technology ETH Zurich. The lead product is a naturally-occurring bile acid, THBA, which optimises the body fat architecture to maintain normal blood glucose homeostasis.

Glycemicon stands for "glycemic control" - the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels, which is the aim of every individual living with prediabetes.

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THBA - Our lead product

Glycemicon’ s lead product, THBA, is a type of bile acid that is naturally occurring. It optimises body fat tissue to maintain normal blood glucose homeostasis.

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The company has completed successful pre-clinical studies with THBA to demonstrate safety and beneficial effects and is currently running clinical studies for both humans and pets. The company was founded in 2013 financed mainly by private high net worth individuals.

As a spin-off company from the Federal Institute of Technology/ETH Zürich, we combine strong expertise in adipose tissue biology, pre-diabetes and obesity with top-notch synthetic chemistry of natural products and small molecules. Close interactions with academic collaboration partners, such as the ETH, will fuel our pipeline with innovative new approaches and molecules to tackle the epidemic of prediabetes and obesity.