Glycemicon Receives CTI Start-up Label

Four new CTI Start-up Label companies were selected yesterday by the Certification Board: IT start-up Bay31, Biotech company Glycemicon, Medtech start-up MIMEDIS and Swisslitho, focussing on nanotechnology.

“Disruptive” is a word that is used a little bit too often today. However the new CTI Label companies are developing really disruptive innovations. They want to change the way implants are made, nanostructures are produced or diabetes is prevented.

The solutions of Bay31 that help companies ensure secure access to business processes and reduce the cost of compliance. Bay31's flagship product, Role Designer, is a unique interactive tool that lets IT security specialists model, analyze and optimize enterprise authorization processes. SAP customers are well-served with Role Designer for SAP, which includes native support for complex SAP authorizations and SAP integration. Role Designer complements Identity Management platforms to reduce the cost and complexity of IT compliance, entitlement management, role discovery and risk assessment.

Bay31 headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland, with operations in Geneva and software development in Rome. SAP has selected Bay31 to participate in its Startup Focus Program – an exclusive program for start-ups developing Big Data applications with SAP HANA.

Glycemicon`s efforts are focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative and novel products to prevent and treat elevations in blood sugar levels, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. The start-up develops a novel medical food supporting the body to remain metabolically healthy with insulin sensitive fat tissue and to ensure effective nutrient storage resulting in normal blood glucose levels.

Glycemicon’s lead substance is the endogenous ligand of the retinoid orphan receptor gamma (RORγ). It is a naturally occurring bile acid that is found in humans and in various food products.  Treating increased blood glucose levels (pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes) by inhibiting RORγ and thereby enabling the formation of new fat cells, is a unique and novel approach. The presence of THBA in humans and food products allows Glycemicon to develop it as medical food, a form of prescribed healthcare nutrition that has to be monitored by a physician.  

MIMEDIS, located in Basel, focusses on patient specific bone implants. For the benefit of patients surgeons wish to use individualized implants such as bone plates, bone substitutes or artificial joints in order to optimize surgical outcomes for faster rehabilitation and to improve functional and aesthetical results. Due to cost reasons, standard shaped products are almost exclusively used today. Such implants have to be intra-operatively bended and adapted to the specific anatomy. This procedure prolongs the very expensive intervention time, increases the patient's risk of infections and decreases the quality of the surgical outcome.

MIMEDIS addresses this medical need by offering innovative products and services to surgeons. The start-up provides implant design software for surgeons considering given anatomical guidelines. Having the design ready, MIMEDIS producess and deliver personalized implants within few working days using highly flexible production processes such as "3D Printing".

SwissLitho is a young high-tech company with the vision to change the way nanostructures are commonly made. The company is a tool manufacturer with the patented NanoFrazor being the main product. The NanoFrazor explore is a unique tool for rapid-prototyping of nanostructures and nanodevices. It has been developed for researchers, who want to have easy and quick access to high-resolution nanometer sized geometries of almost  arbitrary kind. Even 3D nanopatterns can be fabricated in a single step and with unmatched precision. The NanoFrazor industrial will be the big brother of the NanoFrazor explore with the purpose to meet industrial requirements for nanopatterning such as accessing large area wafers.

CTI Start-up enables creative entrepreneurs to realize their innovative business ideas quickly and professionally. Through a three-phase, firmly guided process lasting 6 to 24 months, a dedicated expert will help the venture’s project evolve sufficiently to apply for the CTI Start-up Label. The Start-up Label is a seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth. It is awarded by the CTI Certification Board that is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts.